Pinoy Pop Superstar Pre-Qualifier
August 29, 2006, 3:06 pm
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After a long search, PPS decide to have a fast forward from callback special. From 12 contenders that have won to be defender but did not succeed will have a chance to become a pre-qualifier.

From 12 down to 6 down to 3.

Luckily, Joyce Tañaña won to be pre-qualifier.



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August 19, 2006 PPS Call Back special was tremendous, we find the guy who sang “to where you are” and Hey yahh to be fantastic and should have won the call back special, we request for his appearance again, “argel salvador”

Comment by Cesar F. Jacinto

Argel Salvador, august 19, 2006 top three contender had originality as what ronnie henares said “he has an attempt for song imaging not imitating, we opt to hear more of his repertoire, we hope to see you as grand qualifier “ARGEL” good luck!!!!!!

Comment by Adora c. de Jose

sana po mabalik si argel salvador we believe he has the talent for PPS Grand Contender like Brenan, we saw him thrice on t.v. and like gerald he’s so charismatic, he has the semblance of jericho and marvin a. full package talaga!!!

Comment by Dory Ansay

I found Joyce Tanana a deserving Grandshowdown contender in PPS2..For some reason there was a favoritism that happened. She is more deserving that some of the PPS2 contenders..charisma and voice quality and superstar quality..We were shocked when a less or low caliber singer like Vaidi beat her while she was a defending champion just because Vaidi happened to look like Nora Aunor.

It is about time the judges made up for their indecision or mistake in the past by making her as a pre-qualifier for PPS3. Bravo to the judges.

She belongs to the top echelon of singers like Aicelle Santos, Gerald Santos and Harry Santos.

Comment by Zwel_Amphie

What happened to the video? We cannot even see the replay of her winning performance..Not so right.

Comment by Zwel_Amphie

yeh… kaya nya yan… idol ko yan…

proud to be AUF sTudent….

swak ang voice?!

Comment by richard

If there’s somebody deserving to be a pinoy pop, it’s joyce.

Comment by marvin

She deserves to be in top 4..If she can improve her showmanship and connect with the audience she cud be in top 2 or win it all. She got the supestar quality and voice to make it. Not only contenders from USA and Canada to challenge the Pinoy PPS3 contenders, but also from Middleast. Grabeh. Hope Joyce cud improve more to stand the challenge of making it sa top 4.

Comment by Zwel_Amphie

I seldom make comments any longer for a while. I am just doing this for Joyce. Gud luck to her sa roadshow at sa Grandshowdown.

Comment by Zwel_Amphie

tapos na ba to?

Comment by Mr. Fawgee

Si Kaye magaling kumanta!!!

Comment by Mr. Fawgee

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