September 9, 2006, 4:18 pm
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So wat? Its not a big deal on having that kind of rating for your game ka na ba. Even they will beat eat bulaga, its should remain to be a tryng hard, cheater, and one of the money waster program. From graveyard, game k n b rised. I’m sure its pretty much be coming back soon to its graveyard from many times of formatting, crying, depression, cheating that happened.

To Kimerald, who the hell are they? I don’t know them.(From webhauz)-

Ito ay KIMERALD ( Kim Chiu at Geral Anderson ), produkto ng Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.

Haller! ano ung pbb, starstruck ? talent search? I’m sure any time wala na yang kimerald mo! Wala silang talent actually. Another trying hard. .  . First Day High is one of the pasosyal, crap, pang uto, doesn’t worth to be called movie.

By the way I just want to say that PDA sucks. Dapat 0% rating nun.!!! haha.. luge na ebs!

SUPER INGGO, “a cheap stuff remains cheap”  …ang cheap! lalo na nung bida, yak! so kadiri!

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haaay korek ka jan!! super cheap talaga yang super unggoy ng dos! basahan ang costume! nakakatawa!! bwahahahahahaha!!

Comment by sarah

exactly!go kapuso!
d eat bulaga item posted in http://webhauznow.blogdrive.com/ is NOT TRUE!IT’S A BIG BIG LIE!!!

as posted b4,
http://www.planetphilippines.com/archives/nov16-30/current/images_current/eat-bulaga.jpg AYAN PO ANG TAMANG PICTURE AT CONTENT NA PINEKE AT FINABRICATE SA ITEM NG http://webhauznow.blogdrive.com/

How can they sleep at night?are they happy for what they are doing?!they are wasting their time and exerting all their efforts just to post lies, fabrications and manipulations in the net!!!

Comment by imbestigador

needless to say this site is such a waste of webspace, not being on any side so to speak. it is clearly you guys who are using such cheap words to insult and criticize such shows when gma’s shows even prove to be mediocre themselves. take mulawin, sugo and those other mediocre stuff for example, like a wash down action flick claiming to be action packed with wushu expertise, believe me I’m a wushu athlete and these guys’ moves dont even come close to our stretching and warm up, i suggest that before you criticize other shows please check on your own favorites. Needless to say i am not picking any sides here, i only want to show that both sides have there own flaws, both have there own corny sides of reality. hope you dont take this personally i wont want to make any enemies, im just criticizing both sides

Comment by neutral

yet another proof that gma reigns supreme please see http://ha.ckers.org/imagecrash.html and see how abs-cbn failed again

Comment by nice

neutral u forgot to criticize abs cbn shows…

Comment by hey

“i only want to show that both sides have there own flaws, both have there own corny sides of reality”

what is there to criticize, the previous posts already did it for me

Comment by neutral

hey neutral, i think your mature enough to know why i’m saying those words. its say’s paganti. speaking of sugo / mulawin, they have goals to attain. And i’m very sure that they do not like to imitate your wushu stuff. If they do, I’m sure you’ll be saying “mas magaling pako jan”. I think they like it to be unique and more entertaining. They are not multi talented to master your wushu stuff. Even you can’t do what they are doing. Speaking of flaws, that’s the ultimate reason why we like them and why we support them. Btw, on this post, I don’t criticize I just simply say the truth.

Comment by gma7kapuso

first of all i would like to apologize for the late reply
and i didnt mean my posts to be in a negative way
i do apologize for annegative meaning that it might have brought to
you, all im saying is that both stations hve their own pros and cons
so it would be unfair to say which one is the best or not,
ratings are not the only basis when it comes to criteria,
there is also integrity, civil service and achievements.
I would admit i watch both stations and keep constant track of
my favorite shows on both of them starting from
qtv, studio23, abs-cbn and gma7. i always keep an open mind
and choose my favorite shows not based on what station they come from
but based on their values, their quality and their meaning.
again i do apologize if ever it meant anything negative towards you
i did not mean it to be that way

Comment by neutral

ya. sorry here… btw i will delete soon that kind of posts… i just want to open people’s mind on what is the truth. Because some blogs are really tricky.

Comment by gma7kapuso


aber ,bakit kayo nagagalit sa KIMERALD!
dahil wala na kayong mapiling maitatapat sa kanila kasi LOSYANG na mga luvteams nyo…

ingit lang kayo sa KIMERALD !cutie and hottie!na discover lang sa kakaibang KILIG , at kakaibang CHEMISTRY na meron sila…sumisikat na,even nanggaling sila sa isang reality show!

sa inyo,ewan ko lang..
wala akong masabi,actually hindi bagay mga luvteams nyo…maghanaphanap naman kayo ng mga mukhang TAO!

sorry sa pinagsasabi ko…eh,yan naman talaga ang totoo..

tanggapin niyo na kasi na wala na kayo…at sana naman matauhan na kayo,…

bye ! thanks for the insult for my KIMERALD !

at sana balang araw ma-realize niyo


Comment by ddddd

hay naku,mga kapuso…

iba na talaga kapag kapuso

lumalabas ang pagiging SINUNGALING…

ano kayo ipinanganak para magsinungaling…haler?ok lang keo???

nagiging sinungaling keo dahil,hindi niyo matanggap ang katotohanan

pilit nyong sinasabi ang mali,imali ang tama at gawing pangit ang maganda…

tama si ddddd,
wala na talaga kayong magawa at masabi kaya you’re lying na!

ang hirap pala maging kapuso,…

buhay mo at kaluluwa mo NASUSUNOG…puso mo NADUDUROG…



wag kayong pumatol sa LUVTEAM na may edad na 16 and 17…fresh pa…

bagay sa inyo 45-70…ayan bagay na sa mga MATATANDANG luvteams nyo..

pati mga stories nyo ’bout love…common na masyado pati luvteams niyo hindi alam paano magbigay ng kilig sa manonood!!!

Comment by anony

who ever made this stupid site.. is ridiculously stupid in the head.
i live in australia.. and so i only get to see abs-cbn shows.. they use to show gma shows here, but not anymore because no one liked them. so speak for yourself about this whole ‘abs is cheap’.
this is more like a hate blog or a bitching blog.

and let me just say for the record. i reckon kim and gerald are very talented people, considering they were just normal individuals a few months back. they are a craze in the philippines.. so before you start critising them, abs and other shows on abs.. lets see you try what they’re doing.. i bet you won’t even be able to do half as good as what they are doing.

Comment by ann

wahahahhaha buti nga sa inyong mga kapuso!

hoy si ddddd ,anony at kaFAMILY ay iisa lang =

ako si donna…heheheheh

blehhhhhhhhhh!matalsikan sana kayo ng laway ko!
dumikit sana sa utak!para matauhan na!!!!!!!!


KIMERALD ROCKZ!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!www.kimerald.co.nr

MARK and JEN SUCKS !!!!!!!!!yuck!!!!!

Comment by donna

to be honest, hindi ganun kagaling ang kimerald compared to jen and mark… mas madami talent sina jen and mark at kung acting a ng pag uusapan, both luvteams have their own strong and weak points….
Both luv teams are unique and both have chemistry on screen…

Comment by shin

g0sh kimerald is the best.hahaha and gma is the 0ne that sux…u guys cant even beat any 0f the abs sh0ws s0 if iwere u i w0uldnt be talking…n seri0usly fighting 0nline is n0t g0nna res0lve anything because we all kn0w naman that kimerald is the best and n0t any gma sh0ws..hahah and u kn0w it

Comment by pinay

duh.. mas ok na di maxadong mgandang effects kesa wlang originality sa story ung kapitan barbel ginaya lng sa smallville tpos ung mjika and atlantika parehas lng yan….mga peke… malayo sa realidad!!! tsaka sino b unang nagkafantaserye????? yabang ng GMA sa manila lang naman ok ratings!!!!

Comment by chinita

haller… miski kahit saan pa mag no.1 ABS, talo parin sila… hahaha largest part kaya yung manila ratings.
namumulubi na mga kapamilya. mga uto uto kapamilyak. pasosyal lang pala kau e. pa good boy efect , sa 22o naman puro plastic at kasamaan!

Comment by meow

Naku, dahil sabi nyo ang cheap nung super inggo. Napatunayan ko na karamihan para sa mga kapuso ay mga UGALING BADING at SOSYAL na Mayaman. Kapuso nanghuhugot lang ng child stars sa DOS. pati ung Pop star kids nila alang kwenta! Hahaha!

Napakaganda ng Super inggo. Nakakatawa at nakakapawi ng problema. matagal ang commercial nila dun dahil marami ang nanunuod noon kesa sa ATLANTIKA.. Ni hini nga makahanap ng magaling na child star ang GMA!

Kapuso ako dati. ngaun dahil sa super inggo. nabuksan ang aking kasiyahan.. ung kapuso shows puro Tungkol sa digmaan at paghihiganti. tapos ung CGI nila mukha paring peke. tignan mo ung atlantika halatang halatang 3d..

Sa super inggo pinapakita na kahit mahirap ang tao me pag-asa. Kaya mga kapuso panoorin nyo nalang super inggo sa YOUTUBE para masimulan nyo..

Wag na wag nyong sasabihing cheap si Iggo dahil pilipino ang dating nun at Mas maganda ang istorya

Comment by Ronnie

Naku tama ka! sabi nila cheap daw super inggo. eh ung mga nagsasabing cheap ay ung mga “PASOSY lang”. aaminin ko maganda ung iba. Pero panalu parin ung super inggo dahil original.. Ang dami ngang commercial kaya medyo naiinis ako. pero ayos lang dahil dun mapapatunayan na mas sikat ang super inggo dahil magagaling ung actors nila lalo na ung si JOMAR!

Comment by Chick corea


mga kapuso people,tanggapin nyo na ksi! pinahihirapan nyo lang ang sarili nyo sa mga pinag sasabi nyo!

sinasabi nyo yan ksi PIKON kyo!
Sorry for the bad things pero totoo yan!

ang cheap ng shows nyo….

lalo na ang mga loveteams nyo!tama ka ddddd!!!
basta ako….. im 100% kapamilya!!!

hinding hindi ko ipagpapalit ang channel 2!

ang napansin ko lng….lhat ng lumilipat na artista sa 7,nalalaos!!!

sa lahat ng kapuso dito,tanggapin nyo na! its REALITY!!

Comment by caramella

Bhwahaha! talo na kau ng super inggo. Pare pareho istorya ng Siete puro kaharian ng…. Ay!!! Sawa na ko. Buti pa super inggo. Mas maganda ang moral na natututunan. Atlantika? napanood ko ung pilot at episodes pero dissapointed ako

Comment by Shawarmaman

pgsvi mo hotdogg!!!!!

Comment by honeysweet

Sana manatitli sa KAPUSO channel si Richard Gutierrez! =)

Comment by agentdan

At Kailan pa nging no. 1 ang abs?? Yaaaaaaaaaaak!!!
Solid KAPUSO Channel me! ung WOWOWEE nyo ngka-scandal n naman hehehehe Buti nga =) Bobo kac wlang ingat…

Comment by agentdan

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